Chinese Medicine in Sports
Chinese Medicine in Sports

Since the 70’s the benefits of acupuncture with regards to pain and injury management has become widely known in the West. However, what is less known is the second, equally or more effective, component of Chinese medicine which the preparation of herbal formula for internal and external use.

Sports – sprains, strains, ligament and bone damage

Chinese herbal medicine has been used for centuries by the ancient Kung Fu (Gong Fu) martial arts schools for healing of sprains and strains, ligament and bone damage. These protocols and herbal properties are only now starting to being scientifically validated by western science and medicine. The physiological actions of Chinese herbal medicine can have a positive effect upon the sports performance of an athlete.

Chinese herbs – strength, endurance and stamina

Chinese herbal medicine has been used to increase strength and stamina. Many sports people in the West are slowly learning about the benefits of TCM with regards to sports performance – strength, endurance and stamina as well as increased healing and faster recovery times after training or post event.

Some specific biological effects upon the body

Some Chinese herbs can increase testosterone (muscle bulk – strength andexplosive muscle power), white

blood cells (stronger immune system to protect against over training syndrome),erythropoietin (increases the rate of production of red blood cells, and the red blood cells oxygen carrying capacity). Chinese herbs can increase a cells energyoutput by up-regulating the cells mitochondria. Other Chinese herbs can reduce the muscle cells need for oxygen as well as reduce lactic acid and increase blood urea clearance. Other herbs can increase liver glycogen production.

Remedial massage, sports performance & recovery

Apart from the TCM aspect you may just be interested in a pre or post game/event remedial massage which has been demonstrated to assist athletic performance and or effective recovery from exercise.

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