5 Reasons on Why to Consider Chinese Medicine for Your Ailments

February 1, 2017 / Chinese Massage

There are several amongst us who may have overheard or read about Chinese medicine and its effectiveness but haven’t yet opted to explore the possibilities with regards to their health conditions. This is because many people, understandably, are skeptical about making use of natural remedies that don’t seem to have a wide acceptance or a strong evidence base thus people often depend on western allopathic medicine due to the marketing and the presumption that western medicine is effective.

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With regards to Chinese medicine many critics would argue that empirical evidence (experience over many hundreds of years , testimonials and case studies are not valid scientific proof or that these methods do not meet the high level gold standards of modern scientific research. This is true however these same critics somehow seem to gloss over the fact that much of western orthodox allopathic medicine doesn’t meet the same high level gold standards of modern scientific research they demand of Chinese medicine or other Complimentary medicines. Most people would be surprised to learn that 58% of western medicine maybe unlikely to be beneficial or effective and possibly even harmful.(British Medical Journal – Evidence Based Medicine)


Interestingly, the Pharmaceutical company GlaxoSmithKline will open a new research unit in China to research traditional Chinese medicine. Ironically GlaxosmithKline has also been fined $490 million for bribing health officials in China.

The primary difference between Chinese medicines and the western medicines is that the former depends on plants, minerals, animals and insect species – pretty much naturally occurring molecules while the latter is derived from synthetically engineered molecules thus these are able to be patented.

The Chinese sages believed that these natural elements enhance our health just like the nutrition we receive while consuming food as a part of our diet. They formulate several elements (plants, minerals, animals and insects) together in a formula that people wouldn’t usually consume on a regular basis. These Chinese formulas have medicinal properties that interact biologically the same as western medical chemicals but Chinese formulas are not as strong and generally do not have the dangerous side effects that western medicine can have.
There are numerous reasons that may help convince you of the fact that Chinese medicine can be integrated into your help treatment plan.

• It is highly effective – It can be highly effective – Chinese medicine comprises of nothing but medicinal herbs that have been researched extensively over thousands of years. Consuming this medication in the prescribed portions and treatment plan combined with acupuncture or massage (depending upon needs), can provide a lasting effect as Chinese medicine addresses the root cause of disease as opposed to western medicine with addresses the superficial symptom’s of disease.

• The doctors listen to you – The doctors listen to you – Rather than a 10 minute consult a Chinese medicine practitioner will listen to you in detail. They simply do not come to a conclusion on the symptoms that you present. They try to learn the details of your lifestyle, the foods that you consume, the water or fluids you drink, exercise, sleep, stress, living and working environments, family histories and how things can be modified wherever required complementing the medicines that they prescribe you.

• The medicine is environmentally safe – The medicine is environmentally safe – You may have come across articles in magazines or probably on the Internet where there are numerous pharmaceutical companies manufacturing synthetic medicine contributing to water and soil pollution due to a significant amount of waste they produce.  This isn’t the case with Chinese medicine as what comes from nature goes back to nature when felt unnecessary. There is no contribution to pollution and thus considered nature-friendly.

• It is easy for the pocket – It is easy for the pocket – You may be facing large hospital bills if you or a family member has been diagnosed with a health ailment. This is because the large costs associated with synthetic western medicines, research, marketing, patenting, etc, but when it comes to Chinese medicines, it isn’t as expensive. This is due to the lesser costs involved in manufacturing them and thus making it comparatively cheap and affordable for the common people.

• A complete healing process – A complete healing process – If you are suffering from headache, practitioners of Chinese medicine wouldn’t focus upon simply treat the pain symptom. They would ensure that you get to change your lifestyle, exercise, water intake, stress levels, environment and the food that you consume as there are times when our lifestyles actually contribute or cause our disease.

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